Yoruba Traditional Wedding Program – Questions!

A Yoruba traditional wedding should reflect you: your beliefs, your values, and your community.

What the groom should know?
  • When he prostrates before the bride’s parents, he is not allowed to stand up until the bride’s parents accepts the plea and Alaga instructs so.
  • He should know the right answers to the questions.
  • He should pay attention so as not to get fined
  • Show respect to his in-laws throughout the ceremony
  • What he wears must compliment the bride’s outfit
What is the role of the bride?
  • To take one important thing from the gifts brought by the groom and family
  • Demonstrate how she will feed her husband
  • Places the Fila on the groom’s head
  • Greets her inlaws in the cultural way
What if I can’t fulfill the list and want to replace with cash instead?

It does not show a sign of respect presenting cash in place of all items considered in a customary marriage list. In very rare cases, the bride’s family may accept cash only if few of the items on the list were understandably difficult to find. If struggling with the list, it is worth discussing this with your bride to be and she may be able to put in some word for you with her family members.

How long should a Yoruba traditional wedding program last for?

A typical Yoruba traditional wedding could last up to 3 hours, but over the recent years, we have seen how prolonged the ceremony can go on for. It is indeed possible that the program may not last up to 3 hours, most importantly depending on how strictly timed the event is.

What is the order of tradition wedding program?

– The arrival of the bride’s family
– The arrival of the groom’s family
– Presentation of Proposal letter from groom’s family
– Presentation of Acceptance letter from brides family
– Arrival of the groom
– Arrival of the bride
– Presentation of the gifts
– Presentation of the ring
– Presentation of the hat
– Introduction of family members
– Cutting of cake
– Presentation of the Dowry
– Prayer for the newest couple from both parents

Does the bride’s parents accept the dowry?

They don’t accept Dowry although it is expected for the groom’s family to bring and hand it over to the bride’s parents. It shows courtesy of tradition, after which the bride’s parents opens the Dowry to see what is inside the envelope. The bride’s parent could return the dowry to groom’s parents saying “We are giving you our daughter not selling it. Take very good care of her”.

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