Finalising Your Make-Up Artist

The bride is in the center of the attention, she wants to feel and look astonishing: in her perfect dress, shoes, jewelry and of course makeup. After all, her wedding is the most important day in her life and she is the star of the evening and the single most important person for the bride on the day of her wedding is her makeup artist (after the groom of course). It is this professional who can turn the bride into a stunning beauty with the help of her tools and makeup techniques. However, a bride needs to have a lot of confidence in the capabilities of a makeup artist before finalizing one. Here are top 5 factors to look out for before singing a deal with a makeup artist for your bridal makeup.

  • Know what you want
    Before conducting a search for the best makeup artist, it is pertinent to know what you are expecting to find. If you have a particular look in mind, discuss it with the artist to make sure they can meet your requirements and can deliver as expected on the day of your wedding.
  • Make your move early
    Along with other professionals, the best makeup artists get booked in advance. Do not wait till the 11th hour as you will not be able to hire the services of a good quality makeup artist. Shortlist a few makeup artists as soon as your wedding date is fixed and book one of them to feel relaxed about your preparations.
  • Ask your friends and relatives
    Makeup artist with long experience in bridal makeup should be able to provide their previous work to give you a glimpse of their skills and performance levels. Ask your friends about makeup artists they used during their wedding ceremony. This way you also come to know the prices of various makeup artists to make a comparison.
  • Check bridal makeup packages
    You can straight away ask if the artist has various bridal makeup packages. Go through these packages and see if you should go for a higher package to have extra benefits or not i.e make up for your bridesmaids. Check if a package can be molded or customized to suit your needs or not.
  • Attitude matters a lot
    Everything else being the same, it is the behavior of the makeup artist that matters the most when deciding in favor of a particular artist. Do not sign a deal if the artist does not answer all your queries or tries to force his way on you. You will not look at your best if you are not comfortable communicating your ideal look with a makeup artist.

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