Career or Relationship – which was important?

We tend to ask ourselves this same question and it is never easy to choose between both.
It all depends on your current lifestyle or what it is in your life that fulfills you.
Here, I share few things I had to consider according to priority and how I was able to deal with the decisions made along the way.

I’m sure we already know that relationships can be difficult to maintain. The amount of closeness, quality time, emotional, physical, mental and even the spiritual involved in relationships can be quite overwhelming and it is worth asking yourself if you’re ready to be fully committed. Sometimes our priorities could be based around focusing on self-growth, having a financial stability before being able to get involved in the romantics.

Personally, I know that if I don’t push myself to my best or work at my hardest to achieve something, I won’t be happy with myself. A good career can give a better life and sometimes we sacrifice a pretty good relationship for something that will never fully satisfy us. Yes love does not pay the bills, money does; but does it bring the long lasting happiness or self-fulfillment? I started my career by discovering what my talents were – to list a few of them was being able to multitask/organised. As oblivious as it may sound, it was actually one of the things that helped find that balance.

A relationship can be found in unexpected places, we all have our own preferences and what we desire. While I wasn’t looking for a relationship, my ambition didn’t stop me from being social (or networking with others).

Once you find yourself in a relationship where you can feel the connection and certainty of building a healthy future together, it is more than possible to balance both. A few may think that being in a relationship could become a distraction or diversion from building a desired career, however once you find yourself being able to share your career goals with each other and build each other financially, it’ll gradually become an easy journey.

I didn’t have to make a decision between having a career or a relationship. It was about making a choice that I won’t regret when I look back 20 years from now. In a relationship, supporting each others dreams and aspirations can take you both a step closer to success together. One may be worried about working together with your partner, however with mutual understanding and discipline, you will be surprised by what can be achieved together. Who knows, having a partner may just elevate your status (rather than doing so alone). Balancing my career and keeping an open mind for relationships only made me stronger. Your partner doesn’t have to be self-made before you can consider their proposal to be part of your life. You never know what idea your partner could bring to the table, to complete that puzzle. It is rare to find someone who cares about your feelings and also supports your career, so once you find it, hold on to it.

The stage in your life determines which is most important – i.e. as a recent graduate, your next step is to begin your career and get the experience. As someone who already has a job, your next step may be to find that soul mate. Making a decision between a career and the romantics is a gamble. However, consider what will complete you – Romance with lasting memories and happiness or workaholic with no true happiness but just money.

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