Can’t decide between a big wedding or a small wedding?

Many couples tend to go for the option to splurge out on a wedding while a few would be more than happy to have a small intimate wedding surrounded by close friends & family. While there is nothing wrong with having a big wedding, it has its cons that comes with it, and in some areas, having a small wedding has it pros. Here is our reasons why

  1.  With a big wedding you would need to ensure that your desired venue can accommodate for the number of guests expected, and if they can bring their children along, it would be worth checking what other small spaces they may have and how it can be used.
  2. A small wedding can easily become a large one if you are not strict on the maximum number of guests to invite. So having a strict guest list will be ideal.
  3. A big wedding can get stressful to plan. It also means you will probably have people attending your wedding that you only see once a year.
  4. Unless you have a big budget, then you wouldn’t have to worry about spending your big day surrounded by everyone you love, as long as you are able to keep on top of costs. Whereas with a small wedding there’s also the opportunity to save on budget more easily by cutting out any unnecessary extras.
  5. A small wedding allows to celebrate with people only closest to you (and your spouse).
  6. The table plan for a small wedding is more easier to manage and less time consuming.
  7. A small wedding is reasonable if it is a last minute planning. So they will be much quicker to plan at a short deadline
  8. With a small intimate wedding, you can be more creative, a unique theme and have a wedding that fits with your personality. However, with a big wedding, some couples struggle with adapting their favourite songs, food or entertainment with their guests.


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