Can it really take 12 months to plan a wedding?

There have been many questions surrounding how long it takes to plan a wedding after engagement. Every soon to be couple each have a different way of organising their wedding. While it seems that this process can take 12 months or more, it is possible that the timeline of the planning can still be manipulated to a shorter period, but how?

Well, many couples worry that they won’t have enough time to get things done, which is all an assumption but with organisation, you will be able to tackle things that usually take most time. Of course, sourcing and getting your desired venue can take time. It becomes one of the biggest concerns in the planning process, especially if it is a popular venue that easily gets booked up then it is worth considering booking in advance.

If you are worried by how much work you have to do, this is where your willing bridesmaids are ready to pitch in and help out, this means you are able to focus on other areas. Again, in terms of venue location, it is usually less time consuming to secure a venue that accommodates both ceremony and reception, rather than having to source for two separate venues, which may not be every bride’s preference. However, once you are able to secure your venue, book your vendors and the invitations are sorted, there isn’t much left to do apart from the small details. Many couples take more time booking their vendors and this is mostly happens because they are not quite sure of which vendor to confirm, searching for deals or more options, but this is where having a professional planner can help reduce the stress as they would already have an established relationship with some vendors and also know where you can save costs.

Finding a perfect wedding dress can also be an indication of a prolonged process, why? Many brides become indecisive when it comes to picking a dress, they feel that they will simply need plenty of time to ensure that they are picking the dress of their dreams, but really, plenty of time isn’t really necessary. Instead, what a bride should really be taking into consideration is how long it will take to have your dress made, or how long and where they can actually find the dress. Remember, prior to your appointment that there are bridal professionals who are seriously ready to help you and will work with you to pick your perfect dress.

Lastly, the cost of a wedding is also one of the reasons why most planning take longer than expected. Of course, you need save up money for the wedding of your dreams, however, you are also ways of saving costs on a wedding (read more from one of our previous posts).  If you are receiving financial help from family to contribute to paying for your wedding then this is better and if you are not, then it is worth considering alternative options of saving on your wedding and focusing on the most important factors of your wedding.

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