…What Kind Of Groom Is He?

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Sometimes we (ladies) feel like we have a pGood-guyerfect gentleman who understands how to share the workload of planning. Now that he has placed that sparkly ring on your finger and now have to get involved together in the wedding planning, here are some questions to know what kind of Groom you really have…

1. When you first started discussing about what kind of wedding to have. He:

  • Started scribbling notes
  • Tried to listen but was almost half awake by the end of the conversation
  • Interrupted about what he would prefer
  • Ignored the topic of anything related to weddings

2. At times you can tell alot about a guy from his family. He is:

  • An only child
  • The eldest child
  • The middle child
  • The youngest child

3. When you phone to let him know you will be staying back at work a little longer. He says:

  • “So what about my dinner?’
  • “Have you eaten already or should I order us some take away”
  • “Okay, I will prepare us something real nice and ready when you get home”
  • “Let me speak to your boss”
4. Your mother needs your groom to drop her off at a venue, you tell him and He says:
  • ‘Football match is about to start, sorry’
  • ‘Do I look like a driver, tell her to take a cab’
  • Sorry I can’t stop by, I have to hang out with the boys
  • ‘Sure why not, she is my mother-in-law to be’ 
5. It’s time to pick out the tuxedo. He:
  • Asks you to go with him to choose
  • Expects you to pick the whole groom uniform yourself
  • Gets his groomsmen’s measurements and consults wedding fashion designers and mags
  • Just cant be bothered at the moment
6. Your weekend spending time with him is the usual:
  • Errands with nice relaxation inbetween
  • Sitting at home with lots of tv and sleep
  • Doing whatever he has got planned for both of you
  • Traveling, movies and special occasion out with friends
7. Couples fight sometimes but how do you resolve it?
  • Left unresolved
  • We listen to each others point of views and try to make a decision together
  • He plays the victim until you apologise all the time
  • He usually gives in – even though you both know you are wrong.
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