What Are You Doing With Your Life?

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Career – If you were asked what will you be doing for the rest of your life, It may seem like a daunting question, but it is best to think about your immediate goal. This could be for the next few months or within next year. Sometimes, how we might have painted the future may not be working in our favour. It could be due to not having the funds available to pursue that career, or you may currently be working on a side project while you save up money. Knowing what you are doing right now, is a foundation of what direction or path you are heading towards. Opportunities start to open up, once we stop deceiving ourselves. One of the biggest obstacles we face is pride, which gets in the way of reaching our potential. Start by reaching out to people who have been there, with experience and can give you some guidance. To really identify your passions, and figure out which one thing you’re passionate about, you can imagine yourself doing it for the rest of your life.

Relationship – You will know when a relationship is right for you, it will Enhance your Life, Not complicate your Life. Ask yourself a question, are you in wasting your time in that relationship you are currently in? Is it leading you anywhere? If a relationship is not benefiting both of you or it is a one sided relationship, you seriously need to think things through. Wasting your time in a relationship of courting for 10 years is not healthy, in fact you are just wasting away and missing opportunities of those who might have been ready to tie the knot with you for the right reasons. Meanwhile, if the relationship is what you truly believe in, then you need to sit down and have a discussion with your partner on where your relationship is heading to. Also consider if it ties in with your beliefs, your values, career, ambition and principles as an individual. Making someone else happy and not your self is not a good start to a long lasting future together.


Investing In Yourself – Lack of seriousness and focus can be the downfall of an individual. Living a life without a plan ahead, and seizing opportunities around you that can make a great impact in your life is like living a non existing life even though your physically present on earth. Few people get their priorities so twisted up, that they eventually gave up on trying harder or just wasted it away to live a more attractive lifestyle that will not last for long. Meanwhile, we all have busy lives, whether it is meeting deadlines, raising children etc, however we have to budget and prioritise our time and resources. We can never go wrong with investing in ourselves, because it expands our growth and success. Few ways to start investing in yourself are through: living a good health in terms of healthy foods, sleep and exercise. Through your image. Does your image represent who you are, remember that what you say or do online reflects in your image. Through networking and knowledge.  Been social by talking to people is a start of investment, it improves your communication and relationships and then you round it all up with been up to date with the news. Read on things that interests you and a couple of those that don’t e.g. business, politics, entertainment etc. Start investing in your vision.

Living A Life Of Purpose – Are you doing what you are supposed to do? The thing about life is that you aren’t suppose to be lost in thought, figuring out what to do. We tend to miss our purpose and dwell into thoughts, rather than just taking up the challenge to simply do what we are suppose to be doing. Living a life of purpose is by knowing what your values in areas such as friendship, family, relationship, work, sex, spiritual and health. Then analyse yourself, on how you think people perceive you and how does your actions portray your image.

Never Give Up – Influence and achievement are important factors in our lifestyle. The problem is that once things may not be working according to what we hoped for, few tend to accept things the way they are. Start by revisiting and questioning why it didn’t happen. Measuring our worth aids in knowing how much more we have to give, to get better each day. Seeing an improvement each step is a gradual achievement. However, if it doesn’t work out, get back in your game and try other possibilities.

Wasting Away Your Life – Have you wondered why you have remained in the same place, same position you were last year, or just been stagnant. Most of us try all our best to make a shift from our current situation, but unfortunately, things may not have been working as we have hoped for. Think to yourself and ask yourself if you are on the right path? Reflect back on what you might have missed or where you might have gone wrong and see how you can change things around for better. Have you been living a reckless and careless life? Has your personality changed, in a way that you have either lost close friends and family, or living another life and you have now forgotten who you are? Is your lifestyle bringing sadness to your loved ones? Start thinking about what you are doing with your life.. Start concentrating on things that are needful.. Don’t waste away your life because of fear.

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