Weekend Getaways For Couples – Honeymoon Ideas

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Honeymoon! Ah! The word itself screams romanticism. What could be more romantic than two newlyweds going away on a special trip to celebrate their love and inaugurate a lifelong bond.

Here are the top 5 things every couple on a honeymoon should do, after all, there is no harm in exploring new avenues in a relationship and what better time and place than a honeymoon?

1. Book a luxurious resort at a cheesy destination

Think of Bora Bora, Bali and Honolulu, it’s a crystal clear water, romantic beaches, wooden huts and traditional customs. Locations such as these are humid with romance in the air, the picturesque environment serves only to fuel the love between two couples.
Or if you are a “connoisseur of culture” type of couple, you can always visit Venice, Paris, Rome, Athens, or some other renaissance oriented destination teeming with history and romance.

2. After-marriage Adventure

If you are the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” type of couple (though i hope not in the violent sense), then you should plan for bungee jumping, parachuting and sky diving. Albeit far from romantic, adventure goes a long way in developing trust between two people.

3. Dancing

What better way to flaunt your better half than to take her to a Ball on your honeymoon?
Find a nice, classy location (preferably a hotel, in case the dancing leads to getting laid afterwards) and show off your partner and your dancing skills to the crowd. There is no better way to materialize romance than dance, except sex of course. Which leads us to our 4th thing on the list.

4. Candlelight wine, dine and party

At a resort of your choice, book a private room where you and your partner will enjoy a candlelight dinner with wine and afterwards in the dim aura of the scented candles and the rose petals scattered on the bed, you get to make love to your partner, in a whole new “romantic” style.

5. Netflix and Chill.

I know, I know, it is the cheesiest thing ever but hear me out ; every couple has grand plans for their honeymoon. In that retrospect come to think what is less cheesier? Watching a romantic movie or a show with your partner is the best way to stay indoors and celebrate your new life.
While you are at it, order in some Chinese or Indian food and just enjoy two to three hours of “chilling” with your spouse.

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