Spotted Without Your Wedding Ring – The Wrong Signal?

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ring-248x291 Some married people don’t think its important or necessary to wear their wedding  ring at all times. A wedding ring shows a symbol of marriage, commitment and promises. For some reason, in this modern society, few don’t see any problem in not wearing their ring, infact does not mean that they are not committed to their marriage. What if it gives people the wrong impression that you’re living a double life, or seen as a reason toprobably cheat or deny being married, which are the intentions of a few. Not wearing your wedding ring creates an easy target for those who are single and once there is a connection, temptation starts to kick in. Some Facebook users reveal everything else apart from their relationship status, yet they are married. Some married couples live a a double life by having extra-marital affairs, which is a disgrace. Going to a party or social gathering without your wedding ring and without your spouse, serves as a tendency to cheat. However, you must remember you can’t always keep up with the sneaky habit of taking off your ring, just because you feel its boring if people knew you were married. Meanwhile, there are couples that enjoy an open-marriage, where they can meet other people and still feel comfortable not hiding their marriage and still flaunt their ring. So, do you think it doesn’t matter whether or not a wedding ring is worn at all times, and should be about what is in the inner heart? Wedding rings are expensive, either silver or gold, and its one of the most beautiful accessory to a lady. It should be treated and respected as a symbol of your marriage, if it so means a lot to you. It’s bond that not only signifies your love for your partner but it shows to the world what status you stand for. Although a wedding ring leaves a mark on the finger or some people might be allergic to silver/gold and this is an understandable reason. Wearing your wedding ring is a simple way of publicly displaying the the priority and love of your spouse in your life.

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