New Book Empowers Anyone to Unleash their Inner Entrepreneur

Lawunmi Adeniyi’s ‘Secrets to a Successful Work-Business Balance’ calls on the author’s own experience and wisdom, to prepare anyone to make the tough yet highly-prosperous juggle between employee and entrepreneur. It’s one of the only books of its kind on the market, providing a vital balance few would otherwise master.


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United Kingdom – Lawunmi Adeniyi has always had an entrepreneurial streak, but hesitated when taking the first steps to realizing her dream of not only being successful in the world of “regular” employment, but as a wedding planner business owner.

Having learned through trial, error and the odd drop of sweat, Lawunmi found that perfect work-business balance, and in her new book, shares her secrets with the world.

Synopsis of ‘Secrets to a Successful Work-Business Balance’:

I almost gave up on the dream of starting a business venture while committing to reach all-time-high stress levels in a work environment.

Although it seemed almost impossible, but it worked, with a vision, planning, set goals in place and the drive to be able to break the resistance and start taking actions.

In this book, I share exactly how I got to this stage. How I had overcome the fear of making the wrong decisions, how I chose my industry, what compelled me to start my business and still have a flexible lifestyle I enjoy while working a day job.

I am passionate about sharing my experiences. My hope is that by sharing many of my own work-business balance struggles and how I learned to overcome them, that I can help others see that they too, can take a leap and work on projects they love and live a more purposeful and productive life balancing both work and business.

This book will help you find out:

– If starting a business is right for you
– How to establish a business while maintaining your day job
– What to do as a first time business owner
– How to achieve a good work-business healthy balance
– How to overcome the fear of starting a business

“The self-limiting beliefs people go through are not only often unwarranted, but halt their plans to actually start their business. From first-hand experience, I can tell them they’re denying themselves a huge opportunity!” explains the author. “My goal with this book is to push them past that anxiety, realize the skills they have, and thrive with the balance they need.”

Continuing, “People need a guide. I didn’t have one and I suffered. The world of entrepreneurialism offers boundless outlets for creativity, money and freedom. Most wouldn’t think you can manage it alongside a full-time career – but I’m here to help people buck the trend and own their future!”.

‘Secrets to a Successful Work-Business Balance’ is due for imminent release. For more information, contact the author.


About the Author:

Lawunmi Adeniyi is a UK based Nigerian Wedding Planner. She is a graduate with a Masters degree in International Business and Marketing.

Through her personal experiences and starting from little, she has learned that you may not start off with your dream career but you can take what you have and make it work for you until you get what you what – if you are willing to commit to your passion. Over the years, Lawunmi has had the opportunity to launch her first book ‘starting a wedding planning career with limited funds’ and has since continued to manage & coordinate special events and weddings alongside her full-time employment within London.

She has explored her dreams even further by organising the inaugural event; the wedding fair and fundraising event and will continue to share her experiences that will inspire readers.

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