Olanrewaju’s Love Proposal Story

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Proposals are meant to be a defining moment for a couple and it’s just inspiring how a long distance relationship can still work out for good. You may not get to see each other as often as you want, but what happens when you both go through almost every emotion that could have drifted you apart, but yet you both come out even stronger than you before? This engaged couple have shared with us their proposal story where trust and loyalty plays a key in a relationship.

POSTED: 19th November 2015 / By Contributor

How we met
I believe meeting Oluwakayode was not a coincidence, it was meant to happen. God ordered our steps to cross paths (as mushy as that may sound).
Kay worked in the same company as my cousin’s husband in the states. At some point, kay informed my cousin and her hubby that he will be travelling to the UK on vacation. My cousin who loves match making at any opportunity to do so was quick to tell him she has a ‘younger sister’ in London that she would like Kay to meet. She got him to add me on facebook and she then later called me to tell me about Kay. I thought nothing of it then because I was in a relationship. Well kay and I met up when he was in London. At this point I still wasn’t thinking much of him, I just thought I was keeping him company in London. The following year, I was in Nigeria for my youth service. Kay and I would communicate once in a while. Just hello, how are you doing? kind of conversation. Nothing exciting at all, in fact I started getting tired of picking his calls and I remember thinking couldn’t this guy not take a hint. There was a particular day he called me and I was sort of having a moment, I had to ask him exactly what he wanted and why he calls me so often. Kay just said something along the lines of I am just getting to know you and let us see how it goes. Mind you by the time I asked that question I was single. I found myself paying him more attention and I would call him too. And henceforth, I started seeing the qualities in him which I wanted from a life partner, things I had not taken notice of.

How I knew he was the one…
On a particular day, after talking on the phone with kay, I went to sleep and I had this dream that we were married. Some will say it was a coincidence but to me it was a revelation. I prayed severally for God to show me the way because at that point of my life I was looking to move on into a relationship that will last and not just a relationship with anybody. I wanted to know if Kay was the one and I believe God showed me that. When I told kay about the dream he laughed about it. Am sure he was thinking what is wrong with this weirdo, not my girlfriend talk less of a fiancée but I was so bold because I knew it was going to happen. Kay asked me out some weeks later, I did a bit of shakara (play hard to get)….even though I knew I was sold already. I eventually agreed and we both made sure we understood what we wanted out of the relationship.

The proposal…
Kay and I spent most of our dating relationship on phone and skype. It was hard, we missed each other a lot. We did a lot of travelling back and forth to see each other. We cherished every moment we spent together physically. After a year of dating , I was expecting my ring (I didn’t think it was too soon). Kay made sure he kept me on my toes, and even though I knew it was going to happen, I didn’t know when it would. In May 2015, Kay finally got down on one knee and asked me to marry him at phoenix airport on my way back to London. I said yes, nothing could make me happier. I was very much excited, I really did not hear much of what he said. It was at the very last minute and I had to dash off to catch my flight. It was the longest flight I had ever taken. I could not wait to get off the plane and feel real because at that point everything felt so surreal and I knew my life was about to change. He indeed made me wait because I was expecting the proposal through out my trip and I would always make sly comments to see if we were still on the same page. Funny enough, I was still surprised when he eventually asked me.
God has given me more that I thought I ever needed. He gave me my own perfect man and I cannot wait for our wedding day and the life that comes after it! #kaylan2016



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