Last Minute Wedding – In Less Than Two Months?

You are probably thinking – how can a bride plan her wedding within two months? Is that even possible? Sounds bizarre, especially with a lot of planning involved but what if you could get it all done within two months, and just cut out all the worrying by focusing on the big tasks at hand. Our cheat guide will get you started on the countdown to ‘I Do’.

  1. Get rid of the big chunks – your ideal wedding style, your wedding budget, and your guest list are the big essentials to sort out first. Start by figuring out how much you can afford to spend on your wedding, what your ideal wedding reception is and how many potential guests to expect. For last minute wedding planning, it is less likely you will be able to send out an invitation to all your guests and get an RSVP immediately, as potential guests may have already made plans. This means you’ll probably end up with a smaller guest list.
  2. Find a venue and fix a date –  This is what you really need to focus on – where you are getting married. To save on planning time, it is worth considering having your ceremony and reception taking place at the same location. See what dates are available and any discounts for mid week weddings etc.
  3. Send out invites – You may not have enough time for custom invitations, sending an email is a wonderful invention for saving time but you could check out stationery stores around your area for preprinted invites.
  4. Your bridal party – You could consider choosing a colour and style and ask your squad to find the closest match. Letting your bridesmaids choose their own style of gown that reflects their best features will make them happy and comfortable to spend according to their budget.
  5. Find a wedding dress – Some bridal designers would need close to 6 months to create your dream dress but you clearly won’t have time for this, so it is worth visiting you local bridal boutique about how soon they can get your desired dress in stock (if there isn’t already sample sales available).
  6. Start acquiring about vendors to hire – Having a wedding planner will surely save you a lot of time and hassle in this process as they would already have the contacts with some reputable vendors within your budget. You can both compare prices and start booking your photographer, videographer, DJ, florist, decorator which are the first few vendors to confirm as soon as possible and then the rest follows.
  7. Plan the ceremony with your officiant and outline the program
  8. Shop for wedding rings – If you can’t get the one you want in time, don’t waste too much time sourcing for the perfect ring. You can order an alternative one you love and maybe later in future you can now get your desired ring.

So these are few of the our tips on how you can actually plan your last minute wedding within two months. If  you are unsure about how to pull this off on your own, it is worth having everyone around you who is able to help out and assist you with the planning and a planner who can take the stress off you and make it all happen.

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