Is It Really A Big Deal For A Lady To Ask a Guy Out On a Date?

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Let’s be real with it ladies, gone are those days where it’d be smooth moves, jackets to dinner, door holding, holding hands, flowers or gifts to basically almost no-date-at-all. You are an independent lady, and making that move to ask a guy out could give the wrong impression of desperation/aggressiveness; and then for a moment you think to yourself that if he was really into you, he would have asked you out by now right?

The traditional rule that women must wait for a date proposition is just long. Yes, we might be scared of rejection, but you have nothing to loose but a Good Man. Rather than waiting for things to happen or come to you, why not shake things up a little. Once a lady reaches a certain level of mid twenties, you’d probably thought you would have a boyfriend, be married or have a few dates to get the ball rolling. Most ladies feel it must be a man’s move to take her out, tell her what he wants or looking for, and win her heart with all the beautiful lies he can think of (whilst very few are genuine with their intentions). However, most men (not all) are either shy/timid to walk up to a lady, not sure of what they are looking for in a lady, or they want a lady that plays hard to get but they don’t know how to get her attention.

There are some men that do ask a lady out, offer to buy her a drink and but don’t actually pay. Few spend the whole evening speaking to a lady but never ask for her number, and even if they do, they won’t make use of it till after a week. So, what is a lady to do? If you have an outgoing personality and can handle yourself well, then why not give him the chance to pluck up his courage and who knows, he might just be grateful you made the first move. It could just be the beginning of something beautiful. Take a chance.

It is mostly the sweet mamas boys that are usually terrified of asking a lady out or take too much time doing so. Meanwhile, we have guys that have so much to say but so little to show for it or don’t know how to say it. Yet, some guys feel women are supposed to be chased and also be the chaser, make all the moves, and shockingly pay the bill (Yes, men like that still exist).

Ladies, what most of us need to understand is, most men are not going to hang around for months or years trying to convince you on why you should be with them. When a guy asks you out on a date, try and relax, and avoid having so much expectations from him. Let things flow smoothly, but bare in mind what you are looking for.

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