How to Save Money on Your Wedding?

Planning a wedding can be expensive, but is it necessary to spend all your savings on just that one day? Absolutely not! Well, obviously it is a big day for the couple but it is better to spend wisely than to regret the excessive number of bills after the lavish ceremony. There is definitely no need to spend a lot of money on a wedding because the most important thing is to make it personal. Here are a few tips to cut the costs

1. Set Your Priorities
Before you start planning your wedding, make sure that you take out some time and sit down with your partner to make a list of your top priorities. This way it will be easier to decide what to cut down on and what not to. Like for instance if you want a specific designer outfit or a venue, you can put that on your budget and save money on something else that is unimportant.

2. Limited Guests
If you keep your guest list concise, it will automatically decrease your overall reception cost. Most of the banquet halls, caterers and restaurants charge according to the number of people, so the difference between the guests will be substantial. Invite people you are on good terms with and not every other person you know.

3. Food and Drinks
The biggest expense on a wedding can be the menu. Research on all your options, consider a buffet instead of a sit down meal. Prefer a high tea, luncheon, or a brunch instead of a multicourse meal. Offer wine, beer and cocktail to the guests instead of setting up an entire bar at the event. Skipping the champagne toast would be a wise thing to do.

4. Flowers and Decorations
If you choose a wedding location that is decorated beforehand then you will save a lot of bucks on that. To make the wedding stylish without spending a lot and much work, plan your wedding at a garden or a beautifully furnished home. Use more greenery than flowers and stick to just one or two different kinds which are in the season.

5. Wedding Attire
You really don’t have to buy your outfit from a traditional bridal salon. You can always shop at a department store from the special occasion rack area and save money. Other option can be buying it off a retailer or renting it out.

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