How To: Make Your Favourite Perfume Last Longer..

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Don’t we just hate it when you have a favourite and expensive perfume you just adore to an extent, only to wonder why it doesn’t last long? The first guess that probably comes to our mind is because you use it so often, or you spray more than once in a day etc and most especially when what you could afford at that moment of buying was the small bottle size.

So, we already know that ladies love perfumes (and men too) because it gives off that fragrance that you so love, it gives you that confidence when you walk past your crush or in public, knowing that you smell so good. However, the problem that still exists is the fact that, not all perfumes last long as we wish they could. After some hours or few minutes, it fades away, prompting us to reapply or just go through the day without it. Not too worry, we look at various ways you could make perfumes last longer and still enjoy your money’s worth.

  • Fresh Out The Shower – After having your shower and have moisturized, this would probably be the ideal time to spray your perfume because the steam from the shower opens up your pores and makes it easier for the skin to absorb the perfume.
  • Apply to Pulse Points – Pulse points are the warm areas, where your pulse can be felt. So, areas like the back of your ears, base of throat, cleavage, inside elbows, your wrists, and behind your knees would be the soft spots to spray perfume as the heat is liberated from these areas, so is the fragrance.
  • Avoid Rubbing – Some of us are probably used to rubbing our wrists or areas once we spray perfume. Avoid doing this, as it either changes the scent of the perfume or makes it duller. 
  • Store Them Properly – Sometimes direct exposure to sunlight or cold environment can distort them. So store in a cool dry place  e.g your closest.

So, there it is. Give it a try.

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