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When starting out as a beginner in the wedding planning industry, many would see getting leads as a major challenge for their business. It is understandable that this may be your first experience planning and it might seem a bit difficult to do but to get clients you need to be ready to communicative and outgoing. To help you get started, we have put together few points on booking your first client.

Do your research

For many who are new to the wedding industry, figuring out what to charge your client could go wrong if you do not have any clue about your wedding local market. You can start by finding out what your competitors are already doing, what brides would be looking for in your service that have not been met yet. This way, you have a competitive advantage and you are able to have enough demand in the market to support your business.

Have a mentor

A wedding professional will jump start your business because by building a working relationship, they will be able to share with you the secrets that will help your business. You can browse online to identify respected wedding planners and get in touch by letting them know that you admire their work and have an interest in starting out as a wedding planner.

Identify your customer hangout points

Knowing where to find your ideal customers is one of the most effective ways to reach them. Therefore, a place where you can reach out and connect with your ideal customer is necessary as this increases the possibility of being hired. Always be prepared and ready whenever you are around such places, as you don’t know who you might meet, or might have a sudden interest in what you do. Few places you can get leads from are exhibitions/wedding shows, churches, conferences, or any particular events or concerts. A bridal or wedding show is the best place to not only get possible leads, but also meet other vendors in a similar field. Small retail stores may be worth finding out if these stores accept you leaving your complimentary business cards somewhere around the store, near the till counter, or have a flyer which says a bit more about what you do and can provide.

Make Lots of Friends

You need friends and you can do so through networking. Especially ladies, they are more into the whole bridal look and tend to talk more about their dream weddings, and latest wedding styles.

When you meet them, and even those who work in the wedding industry, you can exchange cards and follow up with them afterwards. It advised to reflect on the conversations you have had with new people you have met, so that you are able to spot out any important piece of information that may be of good use to you and your business.

You could try ways of contacting them without being too involved in their privacy. Once in a while you could send them a personalised message on their special occasions, and if they are newlyweds, looking out for their wedding anniversary would be a good plus for your business, because through this they will remember you and will be an effective method for referrals.

Reaching out to wedding vendors

You may be surprised that you can also reach clients by building relationships with established businesses. These businesses would be places where newly engaged couples would most likely make as their first point of visit towards the planning of their special day. A jewellery store is one of the first places they would visit for rings and so it would be a great idea for a wedding planner to visit any of these local jewellery stores and see if you can promote your services to them.

Reaching out to industry partners can be a real boost to building connections such as florists, bridal shops, event rentals, venues, caterers, photographers and can form as an ideal source of referral to your business.

Start writing a blog

Write few blogs to engage your targeted audience. Few topics on what brides would like to know in regards to planning their wedding, or tips on why hiring a wedding planner would be ideal, honeymoon ideas etc. The purpose of writing blogs is so that capture readers who require information, and so they can also be interested to know about what service you provide. This way you build your audience and attraction to your business.

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