Whether you require several bottles for your event, or as an inexpensive everyday drink, we have a great special deal that comes with all our wedding/social event packages.

Most companies add artificial flavours and essence in the drinks and hence, the nutrition benefits cannot be achieved. But our drink is a hand-made flavoured sparkling soft drink with the botanical extracts. It contains the real ingredients, i.e. water, sugar, fruit juice from concentrates (6 % red grape and 6 % cherry), Acid (E296), natural flavouring, colour (E163) Hibiscus extract, preservative (E202) and Antioxidant (E300).

If you have guests that are diet conscious, try this handmade drink where every ingredient is original and the pleasant mixture of cherry and red grape will make you feel fresh and cool. It is low in calories and one bottle of Trio contains 82 Cals approximately. We have added a low quantity of sugar so that you may be able to get 100 percent original delish. Once, you check its taste, you would love to drink it daily. Natural fruits are very hygienic and appealing to the appetite. Each bottle of Trio is hygienically approved and we monitor the whole process of preparing this soft drink.

For a sample of our Trio Drink, please request one to

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