Do you really need ushers at your wedding?

Ushers are often the groomsmen, however if you are having a large wedding, you might need some additional people to help escort guests to their seats. Ushers also have a big role to play on the day of the wedding and when selecting ushers you need to consider their personalities as they would be the first point of contact as guests arrive at your wedding. Therefore, your ushers would need to have a warm and welcoming approach.

Ushers are necessary for your wedding day as they will help maintain orderliness. They can be asked to hand out orders of service, manage the seating arrangements and answer any guest queries. They are there to ensure that there is no disruption during the ceremony or at the reception and that everything goes smoothly as possible.

Some couples may decide to select their close friends or relatives as ushers for their wedding day or choose to skip the ushers and allow their guests to find their seats by themselves. However, having professional ushers who are reliable and willing to get the job done throughout the event will enhance the smooth running of the day. They will be responsible for escorting both the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom to their reserved seats. Although, designating friends and family members as ushers is a great way of getting more people involved and make them feel part of your wedding celebration, but there are also many distractions which can make them loose focus on your special day as they would love to still be able to have some fun while on duty.

So, how can you decide on how many ushers to have on your wedding day? Well, the rule of thumb is to have one usher per 50 guests. Your selected ushers will need to make sure that the front row seats are reserved for the bridal party and close families. They will work with some of your vendors i.e. photographers to direct people for any formal photos or during dinner to ensure that the buffet section is not overcrowded and every guest are well looked after.

If you are struggling to get ushers for your wedding day, discuss this with your wedding day coordinator or in most cases they will be able to provide you with ushers.


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