Dee & Gee (Married) In London: A Surprise Proposal

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Proposals are meant to be a defining moment for a couple’s relationship and it’s just so cool how intimate and unforgettable it can be for a happy couple. This lovely couple have shared their proposal of romance with us and we just wish them all the best.

POSTED: 15th September 2015 / By Contributor

School and work has always been their priority throughout their relationship. However, having both finished school in June 2011, Adedoyin thought it was about time they started planning our future together.
Its amazing how Adegbenro planned the whole surprise as he happen to propose to Adedoyin on the 17th of July 2011, which is her birthday. So how did the secret surprise proposal happen?

Well she went over to his place to spend some time with him and upon getting to his place at 7.30am, he simply opened the door and only managed to say happy birthday to her – no hugs, or kisses and just went straight back to bed. As any girlfriend would be, she was a quite upset by this but remained calm. Not knowing he had a secret surprise for her, He woke around 11.30am, told her he wasn’t feeling well and therefore needed her to make him breakfast so that he could take some medication. At this point, she was becoming annoyed with the fact that “this was her birthday; and was supposed to be the one making her breakfast and not the other way round”. She got to the kitchen, there was no food, so she had to step out to buy food.

Leading up to the surprise, she got back only to find him on his phone. At this point she was so angry she dropped the food and went back to bed without saying a word. Afterwards, he walked over to her and mentioned he had something he wanted to discuss with her. Whilst building up the suspense, he pulled out a small box from the back of his bed and there it was, Adegbenro got down on one knee and started professing his love for Adedoyin, and she soon realized he was proposing. She became emotional, tears flowed immediately, and obviously, she said YES!!!!!!
In her own words “It was truly a day I will remember forever especially as it was a double celebration for me”.

Her advice to any bride to be:
Wedding planning is extremely stressful but try and enjoy the process. Do not hold back, go with your heart and fight for whatever you will it is that you want for your wedding. In the midst of all the planning, go for massage therapy and try to find a way to d-stress.  Most importantly, keep smiling on the D-day, have fun and do not allow anyone to run the day for you or upset you. All the best.

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