…Could She Be Wife Material?

 In Before I Do
In one of our interesting recent blogs we looked at ‘Are you ready for that life-changing commitment’. Here’s another one to consider when thinking of settling down which might be quite overwhelming emotionally and physically.
The deeper you get in a relationship, you might begin to realise its not as fun as it used to, compared to when it first started.
When he feels financially stable and comfortable with the woman he’s with, this reaches a point where he’s considering if she is want he wants. However here are a couple of red flags to avoid if she may not be the wife material.
Insecurity We all have our insecurities, but being with a partner who completely thinks about herself, selfish without no consideration about your feelings, as crazy as this might seem, there will be unnecessary arguments and possibly a divorce at the end.

Bossy If she doesn’t respect you as her man, it wouldn’t be long before she embarrasses you in front of your mates. As your partner, she has to support, advise and cater to you, no matter how advanced in life or successful she is.Party Animal There’s nothing wrong in her having an exciting lifestyle, but there has to be a limit. Don’t tackle it now, and she’ll definitely not want your opinion when you’re now married to her.

Not Romantic *coughs* well this part is between both of you.

Jealousy Trust is an important factor in a relationship. You don’t want a wife who secret;y goes through your phone, naps whenever she sees you around your female friends, sadly this will only get triple worse once you put a ring on her finger.
Materialistic Also known as a gold digger, who only loves you when you pay her bills despite calling herself miss independent. You are mistaken, she will only drain you dry and the day you are not able to satisfy her material needs, don’t be surprised when she starts telling you the story of your life.
Changing who you are If she can’t accept or love you for who you are, then she doesn’t deserve you really. Of course you can compromise in a relationship if it is for the right intentions or make you a better person. However, you shouldn’t have to change yourself if you’re not ready to, if not, you will only end up resenting her.
How to cook This is a bonus to a man’s heart/relationship. Even if she doesn’t know how to prepare several dishes, the fact that she’s willing to learn, matters.


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