Cocktails or Not at Your Wedding

Arranging cocktail at your wedding can make add spice in your wedding plans. However, some people find it difficult to arrange cocktail on their wedding due to space or budget constraints. But, still they want to follow trend which confuse them whether or not they should entertain the option of cocktail in their wedding. You wedding plans, budget, and weather are some determining factors for arranging cocktail wedding or not. Here we are going to share some pros and cons of cocktails in your wedding in order to help you in making a decision.

Benefits of Cocktail at Your Wedding

Everyone loves open bar and enjoy cocktail. Definitely, your guests will love to attend your wedding and will never forget it easily. They will appreciate your efforts and you will hear the echoes of your wedding for many years. Open bar is easy to manage as you don’t have to bother about the choices of guests due to the availability of everything. The presence of alcohol make the guests treat wedding like a part and everyone feels free to enjoy your wedding without taking tension of wedding formalities. Cocktail adds value in your wedding and fills energy in the participants who can rock the dance floor. Play up with ingredients and then select your favorite ones. It’s better to start with the bartender and get right information if you want to get maximum benefit from it. The best part of arranging cocktail is getting a great chance to show your passion and love your big day.

Cons of Cocktail at Your Wedding

Arranging cocktail at your wedding requires huge budget and one should never go for this option if they have limited budget. If don’t compromise over your plan, then you can to offer only beer and wine which are not liked by most of the people. Arranging alcohol in your wedding can put many things at risk especially at night when the overdose of alcohol can a make guests out of control which can create issues for you. Managing the quality of wine and beer is another major issue and in the case of poor quality you may ruin your entire day and you will be legally responsible for drunken people and drivers at your wedding.

We have discussed the pros and cons in detail and now it’s your turn to consider your resources and take a decision.


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