Bridal Survival: 5 Tips Before Your Next Bridal Show

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…We know how nervous you may be towards attending your first bridal show. When planning your wedding, it may become so overwhelming especially when sourcing for the right vendors. So, we have put together 5 tips to get you prepared for your next bridal show and how to take advantage of promotional deals for your venue, or wedding dress of your dreams…


Visualise your ideal dream wedding 

Before attending a bridal show, it is possible to have a whole lot of ideas flushing through your mind and just don’t know exactly what wedding theme you are going for, the size of your wedding guestlist. However, you can start with the small thoughts, firstly where would you like to have your wedding? would it be an indoor or outdoor wedding? If you are having your wedding in London, then what season would you consider i.e. winter, autumn, summer? what wedding style/colour/design would you like to incorporate? These are the things you should consider before attending a bridal show and it could help by browsing through some of our bridal inspirations or Pinterest boards or Instagram where there are lots of ideas to get you started on your dream wedding.

What are you looking for (Vendors)

You must remember that at a bridal show, there will be hundreds of vendors who can’t wait to grab your attention to their services and will most likely invite you to subscribe to their newsletters. If you do not have an idea of what kind of vendor you would like to hire for your wedding, you may find that you’d be interested in more than 40 vendors and you probably don’t fancy giving out your information out to as many people would you? So, if it is a photographer that is left to be sorted out for the planning of your wedding, then it would be best to look out for these vendors first and if you wish to visit other stalls then you could possibly do so afterwards for more inspiration. Therefore, make a list of top three kinds of vendors you must see on the day before anyone else, and if you have only just started planning your wedding, then your top three would be a venue, a caterer and a wedding planner. 

Pick a Friend or Bride

You may decide to go to your next bridal show with a friend, or family friend or possibly your wedding consultant (if you have one). Although, it may be an advantage to go with your wedding consultant, as they are able to share with you their knowledge/expertise in selecting a vendor, or what would fit in well with your personal dream wedding idea. It would also be great to go with a friend, your mother or a close relative who might have an experience with vendor selection i.e. if your mom knows a lot about traditional menu, and you are looking for a caterer, she would probably be of great assistance when visiting food stalls. However, there is nothing wrong with attending a bridal show alone, but wouldn’t you like to have someone with you to share your excitement or worries with?

Get Yourself Organised

Before attending your next bridal show, it would be great to do your research of the event. If there will be a bridal fashion show, then you should find out what time this is scheduled for. This will give you some inspirations on what kind of bridal gown you would like to go for, and if you have already picked out one, then maybe there could be room for readjustment?. Bring along with you a notepad, so that way you are able to note down the things you like and didn’t like. Also you are able to note down deals and any other information that may be of interest to you. A tip – I would advise you to plan your journey effectively too, if you will be driving down to the show, make sure there is parking available to avoid any delay.

Be Goodies Ready

Exhibitors are always ready to throw you any of their promotional deals, brochures, complimentary cards, tasters and other goodies to represent their product or services. Mind you, there will be lots of selling too, most especially the make up artists or beauty product vendors. So you may want to bring with you an extra bag, because there will be lots of goodies as you can possibly imagine, you should probably have a light breakfast too, so you are ready for those delicious cake tasting and menus. 

Well, these are our tips we have put together before you attend your next bridal show. Hope this has helped and if you have any further questions, feel free to comment below and if you have already attended a bridal show, kindly feel free to share your experience with us. This will be great for other brides-to-be.


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